1950’s Male Pinup


Ok, so my friend Joey is not really a pin-up, or a girl, but the lighting and feel of this portrait just oozes 1950’s to me. He has this innocent baby face quality and combined with the textures of the shirt and background, the portrait just seems to travel back in time. Yes, I did do some editing to his skin to make it extra soft and flawless, but the lighting just screamed at me to have this look…. So I indulged my inner stylist.

Joey was in town for a few days this summer to see family and friends before heading back to graduate school, so like all my friends who live far away, I made him sit for portraits before he left again. Being an artist himself, Joey is a good subject cause he lets me indulge my creative side. I had him pose in the backyard with a garden hose and spray water around in a playful way with two speedlights 430’s to see what we could come up with.

While I dont have any specific use for these portraits, they were fun  experiments.  Thanks to Joey for being such a good sport.

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