Fairy Dust

'09 Cutts-95

While working on a recent architectural photo-shoot, I had a happy mistake. (Or at least I think it’s ‘happy’) Working with a wide angle lens on some interior shots, I set up my tripod to catch the bright morning sun shining through some leaded stain glass windows at the Purcell Cutt’s house in Minneapolis. Looking through the camera while setting up the shot I was not aware of the light refracting off the convex portion of my glass lens. Usually I have a lens-hood mounted on the lens to prevent this from happening, but since i was inside I didn’t think about attaching it.

Most of the time when I get sun spots in an image I delete it because they are so hard to remove accurately. In this instance though, I kind of like the sunspots, and I decided to keep it. The refraction really seems to activate the space and give life to the streams of light coming through the stain glass. I affectionately call the spots “fairy dust” cause they seem to dance around the space like creatures from a fantasy world, and since the light refracting off the lens isn’t visible to the naked eye they are similar to fairy-tale creatures to me.



I’d love to hear your opinions of the light refraction’s. Do you like them? Do you think they are distracting?


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