Great Dane’ish

'09 Danes-

So, in the first week of March, I was invited out to a friends home to photograph their Great Danes before they moved out of the state. Up until this point, I had photographed mostly small pint sized animals and  was looking forward to the challenge of capturing a large breed. A challenge it was!!! First, let me just say that they were very loving and affectionate, but they absolutely don’t understand how big and heavy they are. It only took one swat of the tail to the face to learn to watch out, plus as cute as it was to have them try and lick me, it was important to be aware of exactly where their heads were prevent them from licking my lenses (Mmm, slobber vision).

The other big challenge was trying to get the pair (brother and sister) to sit still long enough to pose, or to even stay in one frame together. I did manage to fire off a few lucky shots here and there, but my main problem was dealing with the changing lighting conditions while constantly changing positions to follow them around. Overall though, it was a very fun pet shoot, and I learned a lot about dealing with hyperactive large breed dogs. Most important was to keep shooting.


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