So I attempted to tackle HDR’s. For those that don’t know, High Dynamic Range photos are processed photos that take 2 or more separate exposures merged into one “Super exposed” image. If done right, you are able to produce a photo that has a wider range of details in both the shadows and the highlight areas…. And some would say it produces an image thats beyond what we can see at one time. Most cameras are usually limited to a narrow dynamic range, but by taking 3 separate exposures, you can expand that range when you process it with HDR software.

So I’ve been seeing HDR’s on flickr, and other places and put off trying it myself until now. This portrait is my very first attempt. It’s “interesting”, but I don’t think i’ve really pushed the possibilities very far. I’m a tad disappointed actually with my results because I took far more exposures and alternate portraits, but I ran into a problem with lining up the subject. Essentially, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the movement of the subject and the HDR’s I created ended up looking blurry and fuzzy due to the model moving. This was only 2 exposures compiled into one. I will go out and try some straight landscape HDR’s like I’ve seen online, but I have aspirations to create HDR portraits.

As soon as I create some new ones, I’ll post them in a gallery online.


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