July 4th Fireworks 2010: St. Paul, MN

'10 Fireworks-54

It’s summer again in the Twin Cities, and time to photograph some fireworks. Last year on the 4th of July was my first time trying my hand at capturing a fireworks show. I had so much fun and success last summer that I couldn’t resist shooting them again. Due to the economic downturn, the show was shortened this year, but still plenty long to get some great shots in.

This year I had the rich opportunity to use 2 cameras. I set up my Canon 5D (original model) on a tripod with a remote cable release, and I set up my new Canon 5D Mark II to shoot mostly video. I have to admit that I have not even touched the video clips I took, but I look forward to splicing them into an awesome fireworks video once I’ve learned the video editing software more in depth. As I did last year, I set up my view from the Smith Ave. bridge overlooking the Mississippi towards downtown St. Paul with the ability to see the State Capitol building and the St. Paul cathedral in wide angel shots. I positioned myself more centered on the bridge and was pleasantly rewarded with great reflections off the river surface as well as little boats for visual interest in the lower half of the landscape. I slapped together my favorite shots into a video clip like last year and found a great piece of music to accompany the images in the slideshow. The music is by  Laura Veirs – “July Flame”. Hope you enjoy. Look forward to more summer shots from the Aquatennial and the State Fair. Who knows what else I’ll be able to squeeze in this summer.


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