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I had been looking forward to taking these portraits for a while. My friend had told about the baby ‘Praying Mantids’ he was raising at home and invited me to come see. I had a month or so to think about how I would photograph the Mantids and my friend before we finally scheduled  a session. I started off by setting up my portable studio flash and attached my Canon Speedlight 580 to my camera with a soft box over both lights. I used a tripod for most of the shots so that I could try getting as good of a sharp focus on the Praying Mantis as i could.

I ended up with around 153 shots from the 2 hours we spent hanging out and shooting. I whittled that down to about  98 usable shots, and chose the top 30 to work on. I’m pretty happy with the shoot overall, but still working on using strobe lights and flashes to light a portrait with dynamism. I am also trying to play around with the differences in shallow depth of field and deep depth of field. Each lens is different, but  I’m getting a feel for how they each treat light and such. I cant wait to print some of these prints larger.


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