Purrrr-fect Me-(ow)-mories

'09 ChrisCat

I recently had the opportunity to do a small Pet Photo-session for a friend who’s lifelong feline companion turned 19. A year ago his other cat (Boot’s sister) passed away after turning 18. You can’t tell from the photos but Boots is mostly skin and bones under his fur, he also moves a bit slower, and his vocalizations sound very scratchy, but Boots is an extremely affectionate Old Man.

When I got my camera and lenses out, Boots immediately became interested in me and seemed eager to “pose”. I spent a while just following him around the living room to capture his portrait as he stopped to rest, or lick himself while changing between my Canon 50mm lens, my Sigma  28-70mm zoom, and my Canon wide angle 17-40mm lens. He seemed happy to have me following him and wasn’t fussy at all, Boots seemed to stop every few minutes to “vogue”.

I then moved on to doing companion portraits with my friend Chris and Boots together. The two melted into each other like old friends right in front of me, and that made it very easy to just start clicking and capture the intimate relationship between them. I chose to add vignetting to the portraits while I was developing them, and also hand-colored many of the portraits by desaturating portions of the photographs to emphasis the focus on Boot’s.

Taking pictures of Boots and Chris together reminded me of exactly why I started my Pet Photography business. I want to capture and immortalize those deeply personal and loving moments that happen between owners and their pets. To give a voice to the unique personalities of the animals we share our lives with. It was deeply gratifying to document Boots, and the bond between Boots and Chris knowing that 19 years is a long time for a cat to live.


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