Saying Grace: A Candid Moment

'09 SayingGrace-

One of the things I like about taking portraits is capturing those moments between poses that really emote a sense of a person’s character. The best shots are usually captured when someone is acting goofy, talking, looking away, thinking, or just forgets completely that I am there for a moment… and *SNAP* – I’ve got the shot. I DO NOT consider these shots to be ‘accidents’ because I’m fully aware they will happen. I set up for the shot, I pose the subject, and get all the settings on my camera ready ahead of time. Then I start the hunt!!!

Usually the subject starts off very aware of the lens pointing at them, they make their “camera face” for the shot and hold it just long enough to fire a few off. What they don’t realize is that I’m really waiting for them to lose their focus just long enough to squeeze off a few frames. Most of the time I can’t see the actual moment I’m photographing, but like black holes in astronomy or tiny particles in physics, I’m aware of it’s presence and I just have to trust my equipment to freeze the evidence. If you know what you are hunting for and trust your instincts……*SNAP*



…..That’s where the magic is.


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