The Politics of A Park


Earlier this summer I was hired to do some campaign photos for a guy running for city council in Minneapolis. As so it happens, I got another political gig by referral. A friend of the city councilman saw the photos I did and wanted me to work on portraits for his campaign too. He is running for a city wide seat on the Minneapolis Park Board.

We worked all over the city to find portraits that could be used in different local papers and flyers and showed different aspects of the vast Minneapolis park’s system. On one of our last days doing headshots, we debated taking a shot on Calhoun beach with the sunset in the background. I as apprehensive about them turning out well without really bad blown out highlights. After hemming and hawing for a few minutes, we decided to give it a go and see if anything turned out.

So there on the sand, I set up the tripod, light stands and my Speedlight 430’s. I composed the shot and started working on adjusting the strobes. I took a range of exposures since the sunset was so bright that I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on on my LCD. I had no idea they turned out as well as they did until I got home and started working on the digital negatives.



I’m very happy with the end results. Even though its not perfect, I have been looking to duplicate this exact lighting situation that I’ve seen in Portraits in other peoples portfolios. So I’m happy that my attempt turned out as well as it did. Really enjoyed working with him.


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